Smart Parking System Based

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Powered by Artificial Intelligent (AI)



Vehicle License Plate is a unique identity for each vehicle, which serves as a virtual ticket, and grants free-flow access, preventing stolen cars or ticket swapping. With JustGO you can easily manage your customers, blacklists and be in control of all the events and movements at entrance and exit gates.




visitor pass

multi-parking access

emergency contacts

vehicle history



Dreaming of safer and easier parking experience? JustGO is transforming the parking solution industries with Automatic License Plate Recognition System.

Residential areas

Living and Parking Comfort in Residential area. The demand for residential parking spaces and their professional management is increasing continuously. This is due to the fact that already more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. That is a good reason to give city residents secure and easy access to their parking spaces, which they use daily.


Campuses always provide a unique challenge with regards to parking, as not only do they tend to occupy multiple car parks on a sprawling footprint, but they also need to cater for the different needs of students, staff, and visitors. JustGO can help manage car park usage and monitor trends such as peak hours and driver behavior.

Factories & industries

One parking facility, multiple companies. Entry and exit driveways of office and business parks are used by many employees and regular guests every single day. For this, automated handling and occupancy rate transparency is required. The challenge here is in the management of regular users. JustGO Online-tools take care of that for you.

Shopping centres

In the competitive world of retail, parking is an essential service to get right as a positive parking experience can draw in more customers, and have a huge impact on footfall and store takings. We believe a relaxing shopping experience begins with convenient car parking. Let us make it simple and easy for your customers to park their vehicles.


"Smooth travel" is the magic word. Arrive with your car at the airport, park conveniently and then straight onto the plane. JustGO offers many elegant service possibilities surrounding parking lot management at airports. By enabling customers to check-in promptly at parking facilities, you can increase throughput and ensure that air travelers are happy and relaxed.


Hospitals and medical centers need to provide a range of parking options in an environment where people are naturally under a great amount of anxiety. Every possible measure should be taken to reduce patient and family stress before visitors even walk into the lobby and JustGO starts with the ease and accessibility of a hospital parking system.

Test Drive

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**This is a tiny model from our base model, it only scores 80% from base accuracy.

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Shopping Centres, Petrol Stations and Airports


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